• Chrissie Pearce leading worship at Withcott Church of Christ
  • Chrissie Pearce leading "Worship - The Overflow of a Thankful Heart"
  • Chrissie Pearce leading a band workshop

Chrissie is passionate about seeing creative teams reach their full potential!  Acting on this passion, Chrissie runs workshops with creative teams in churches.  Chrissie has years of experience, both running departments within the creative team, as well as running the whole team.  She has had the privilege of working with creative teams in many denominations, such as Baptist, ACC, C3 and Church of Christ.  One of her strengths is helping musicians and vocalists to play together as one.

One of the benefits of Chrissie's workshops is that she comes to your church, after speaking with your music/worship leader, with a program tailored specifically to your church's needs.

The below workshops are available individually or in combination:

Weekend packages are available, where Chrissie runs workshops, leads worship in one of your church services, and there is the option of a house concert.  For more info, please email chrissie@chrissiepearce.com.

Worship – The Overflow Of A Thankful Heart

Worship is much, much more than a segment in our church services, or a song that we sing – it is the overflow of our hearts. Human beings were created to worship, and if we’re not worshipping God, we are most certainly worshipping someone or something else. As the name suggests, this seminar addresses the issues of the heart.

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The Power of Praise

So often we fail to recognise the power of praising God. We get caught up in our circumstances and the worries of life. If, however, we decide to praise God even in our doubts, fears and sorrow, it will change the way we see things, and the way we feel.

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Band & Vocal Workshops
– Developing The Art Of Listening
– Getting The Most Out Of A Rehearsal
– Tuning, Timing & Tone
– Playing/Singing Creatively

These are very practical sessions, where musicians and vocalists will have a chance to workshop songs and put into practice what they’ve just learnt.

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Song Writing Workshop

Covers different types of song writing, imagery, parallelism, copyright, and writing for a congregation. Attendees will split into small groups and put techniques into practice.

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